About Us

Sayers Consultancy is a Paris-based executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of senior executives, managers and specialists for major players in the art world. Our mission is to assist our clients in making strategic recruitments that will create value and promote innovation in their organizations, which are operating in an increasingly competitive and global art market.

How we are unique

Sayers Consultancy was created in early 2014 with an awareness that actors in the art world – international auction houses, museums, galleries, foundations, fairs and service providers – are facing new challenges. The digital revolution and technological innovations, globalization, a shift in financial centers, and the emergence of new regions and markets are all having an impact on the art world. These developments are creating a need for innovative structures, new skills, original approaches, and creative and talented people, and they are spurring the leaders in the art world to view their activities in different ways.

Founded by Josette Sayers, an international executive search consultant with over 30 years’ experience in recruitment and a passion for the arts, Sayers Consultancy is composed of a multidisciplinary and multilingual (French, English and Mandarin) team committed to providing outstanding recruitment solutions in the art world across the globe. Our role is to assist creativity-driven organizations in bringing together the top professionals that will enable them to achieve their goals.

Exclusive dedication to the art world, while bringing our clients expertise and skills from other sectors, is what distinguishes Sayers Consultancy from other international executive search firms.

Our Values

At Sayers Consultancy, we believe some of the most powerful factors of success in our business are Creative Thinking to Solve Problems, Energy and Innovative Execution, Relevance, Cultural Awareness, and Sensitivity to the Impact of Key Hires. These values, combined with equally crucial experience, knowledge and access to information, enable us to carry out recruitments for our clients, who are embracing change through the hiring of talented people.