Our cross-sector &
cross-border approach

Sayers Consultancy’s integrated approach to executive search in the art world extends from the in-depth definition of the requirement within its cultural context to the integration and systematic follow-up of the professional recruited. Our services are always tailored to the client’s needs and performed in close cooperation with the client’s organization and key stakeholders.

We first take the time to understand the client’s requirement in relation to its existing and/or evolving structure, its business and market strategy, and its priorities and challenges, from both a local and global perspective. We then work with the client to clearly identify the executive’s role and responsibilities as well as the primary added value the client is seeking to attract. We also feel strongly that assessing the relevance to the broader market ecosystem and the internal consequences (i.e., the impact on others) of each strategic hire is an important part of our mission. Experience has shown that an in-depth understanding of the environment in which the executive is expected to perform, and thus transparency in sharing knowledge and information with the client, will lead to long-term success in high-impact recruitments.

Our approach also consists in serving a small number of clients endowed with strong leadership so as to avoid potentially significant conflicts of interest… and having to cut corners because of a shortage of time! However, though we work exclusively for players in the art world in mutually loyal relationships built over the long term, our searches for talented executives are conducted across multiple sectors and industries, thus allowing us to find innovative solutions for our clients that will enhance their performance in increasingly competitive markets.

At Sayers Consultancy, we strongly believe that to operate competitively in the new art industry and economy being created today, the major players must engage in a dialogue with experiences, visions, disciplines and competencies outside their own world and tap the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of distinctive individuals not only from the realm of art, but also from sectors and geographic regions different from their own.

In our combined cross-sector and cross-border approach to attracting and recruiting talented people, Sayers Consultancy has developed a model that is information- and knowledge-based, but that also places a very high value on creativity and outside-the-box thinking in the search for original solutions to its clients’ needs.